MacBook Pro It Is


Well, I have been patiently waiting to buy a nice Apple laptop and finally something looked and sounded good to me – the 2.16Ghz MacBook Pro which I bought today. My first impressions: “wow this packaging is really nice”, “wow this is super fast”, and “great job Apple”. I love Apple and their products because they understand the whole user experience down to the last detail. The packaging itself is art. The lines of their products are well thought out and beautiful. There is so much effort put into the little things that it makes the product as a whole a wonderful and exciting thing of beauty. When the new PwerBooks/MacBooks came out, I was sold when I saw the MagSafe power adapter. So yes, I am quite excited. I am even more excited that it is a business expense. 😉

2 thoughts on “MacBook Pro It Is”

  1. Doug

    Nice! Good choice. I really like this model. I am so jealous. The one I set up the other day went off to become a glorified DVD player. I walk by it now and then to make sure it is ok….Hopefully I’ll get one soon so I can be cool like you.

  2. jenz

    I am very happy to retire my 2001 iBook (500mhz G3)…I put in the time! Kelly can come over and babysit Evan and you can babysit my MacBook Pro 😉

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