New MacBook Pro (Retina Display)

I decided to buy a new MacBook Pro last night and ended up with the Retina Display model. I really did not care too much about the display – I was more interested in the flash storage. In the end – I found myself really surprised and impressed with the Retina screen. Going from that to my first ten iPad was like taking my contacts out – the picture much less crisp.

With each computer I buy (since the mid nineties) I name it after it’s Apple given codename. Between the speed of this computer and Time Machine – it took me longer to find the codename than to get it completely set up. So far, so good…and no water in sight.

Overall – I am glad I went for the Retina display and look forward to having it on all my devices.

Apple High

I have had an Apple high a few times in my life (the day my PowerBook 520, PowerMac 6500, B&W G3, G4 Cube, 2 Mac Minis, and a MacBook Pro arrived at my door) and I remember each one of them very vividly. Today – I had an unexpected Apple high…I had been having problems with my iPhone (bottom part of the screen was dead) for about a week and finally decided to make an appointment with the Apple Store Genius. I showed up, showed them the problem (with my out of warranty iPhone) – and just like that, I got a new iPhone at no cost. I fully expected to pay for a new one when I showed up and was more than thrilled when I walked away from the store with a brand new iPhone. Great customer service Apple!

Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Finally

I finally had some time this evening to install Mac OS X 10.5 on my MacBook Pro. I have not done a thorough run through of all the new bells and whistles but I have to say – it is pretty sharp OS. Everything is very crisp and clean. I will report back later when I have more of an opinion. 😉

macbook pro afterthoughts.

It has been over two weeks since I bought my MacBook Pro and I thought I would share some of my thoughts so far.

  • I have to say, one of the coolest features that I have enjoyed is the built-in iSight. I can easily show off Evan to others without messing with any cables or worrying about camera position.
  • The backlit keyboard is awesome. I love using it in the dark.
  • This computer is fast! Now when I use my Mac Mini, I feel like it is super slow 😉
  • I chose the matte screen because the glossy screen a) reminds me of cheap PCs b) it is what I am comfortable with…and what reminds me of my beloved PowerBooks of the past. I am very happy I chose this option because I rarely watch movies, etc that the glossy screen is good for. Why am I mentioning this? I have been getting a lot of flack from most people I talk to. I am sure at least Ben will back me up on this one.
  • Within an hour of setting my MacBook Pro up, I had my development environment set up and I was ready to go…with style.

All in all, I am very excited about my purchase and look forward to enjoying it for several years. (I collect Apple hardware so this is not going anywhere!)

macbook pro it is!

Well, I have been patiently waiting to buy a nice Apple laptop and finally something looked and sounded good to me – the 2.16Ghz MacBook Pro which I bought today. My first impressions: “wow this packaging is really nice”, “wow this is super fast”, and “great job Apple”. I love Apple and their products because they understand the whole user experience down to the last detail. The packaging itself is art. The lines of their products are well thought out and beautiful. There is so much effort put into the little things that it makes the product as a whole a wonderful and exciting thing of beauty. When the new PwerBooks/MacBooks came out, I was sold when I saw the MagSafe power adapter. So yes, I am quite excited. I am even more excited that it is a business expense. 😉

to macbook pro or to not macbook pro?

I have been struggling over the idea of buying a new MacBook Pro (still not natural to say or hear) since they came out. I am not generally keen on buying a first generation anything from Apple…but then again, waiting for the next rev. might make me wait for a year. I will be using this computer primarly for my web development company (PHP, MySQL, Apache, CSS, HTML etc). Any thoughs on waiting/not waiting would be appreciated. Why now? I need to retire my iBook…and should have retired it a year or so ago.

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