MacBook Pro Afterthoughts


It has been over two weeks since I bought my MacBook Pro and I thought I would share some of my thoughts so far.

  • I have to say, one of the coolest features that I have enjoyed is the built-in iSight. I can easily show off Evan to others without messing with any cables or worrying about camera position.
  • The backlit keyboard is awesome. I love using it in the dark.
  • This computer is fast! Now when I use my Mac Mini, I feel like it is super slow 😉
  • I chose the matte screen because the glossy screen a) reminds me of cheap PCs b) it is what I am comfortable with…and what reminds me of my beloved PowerBooks of the past. I am very happy I chose this option because I rarely watch movies, etc that the glossy screen is good for. Why am I mentioning this? I have been getting a lot of flack from most people I talk to. I am sure at least Ben will back me up on this one.
  • Within an hour of setting my MacBook Pro up, I had my development environment set up and I was ready to go…with style.

All in all, I am very excited about my purchase and look forward to enjoying it for several years. (I collect Apple hardware so this is not going anywhere!)

2 thoughts on “MacBook Pro Afterthoughts”

  1. Doug

    Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll end up not liking the glossy one I just ordered. You may be able to dodge the glossy screen, but remember that you have Intel hardware running in there!

  2. jenz

    Yeah. It is very strange to have Intel hardware in my house…especially since I was a big fan of the anti-Intel chips that Apple made in the late 1990s. I am very happy about the matte screen though. Today on the train ride in I sat by someone that had a glossy screen and it just did not seem as crisp as what I have and am used to using. Who knows.

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