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20 Years of the iMac

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From the original to the latest – it is hard to believe the iMac has been out there for 20 years. I decided to retire my Mac Mini today after needing some faster processing power. Read more


New Mac Mini

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Say hello to the latest Mac in my family: the 2011 Mac Mini. And now for the interview with myself: Why the Mac Mini and not the Mac Pro? The Mac Pro is overkill for what I do. I spend half my day working with web browsers and the other half working with a simple text editor. Not to mention – the Mac Mini – for the price can be replaced just about every year for 1-2 years vs. buying a new Mac Pro every 3-4 years. I also love the size of the Mac Mini. Why not an iMac?... Read More » Read more


LEGOs Anyone?

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While looking through a pile of links this morning – I came across something really cool for LEGO lovers: I LEGO N.Y. Personally I recently nailed up a LEGO board on my office wall so I could start adding pieces to make something fun and creative when I was either stressed out or stuck on something. So far – I only have six pieces in place – but who knows – perhaps one day it will be something really cool. I have a huge mason jar on the shelf above my desk just waiting to be placed, a LEGO cooling... Read More » Read more


Apple High

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I have had an Apple high a few times in my life (the day my PowerBook 520, PowerMac 6500, B&W G3, G4 Cube, 2 Mac Minis, and a MacBook Pro arrived at my door) and I remember each one of them very vividly. Today – I had an unexpected Apple high…I had been having problems with my iPhone (bottom part of the screen was dead) for about a week and finally decided to make an appointment with the Apple Store Genius. I showed up, showed them the problem (with my out of warranty iPhone) – and just like that, I... Read More » Read more

Apple Serenity Now!

Chicago: Cold

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I know it is generally cold here in the winter – and even though we had a nice break a few days ago, it is cold here, but man I was shocked to see my Mac Mini’s ambient temperature reporting: So much for that temperature reporting application! Read more


MacBook Pro Afterthoughts

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It has been over two weeks since I bought my MacBook Pro and I thought I would share some of my thoughts so far. I have to say, one of the coolest features that I have enjoyed is the built-in iSight. I can easily show off Evan to others without messing with any cables or worrying about camera position. The backlit keyboard is awesome. I love using it in the dark. This computer is fast! Now when I use my Mac Mini, I feel like it is super slow 😉 I chose the matte screen because the glossy screen a)... Read More » Read more