New Mac Mini


Say hello to the latest Mac in my family: the 2011 Mac Mini.

And now for the interview with myself:

Why the Mac Mini and not the Mac Pro?
The Mac Pro is overkill for what I do. I spend half my day working with web browsers and the other half working with a simple text editor. Not to mention – the Mac Mini – for the price can be replaced just about every year for 1-2 years vs. buying a new Mac Pro every 3-4 years. I also love the size of the Mac Mini.

Why not an iMac?
I have two great working displays – that I do not just want to then sit around.

Codename is?
I name all my computers after their initial code name while being developed. This new one is “Brick”. “Brick” will be replacing “Kaleidoscope”.

Anything of interest to note?
This is the first “standard issue” Mac I have purchased in 10 years. I simply had enough of the slowness of my current Mac Mini and decided to just go to the Apple Store and buy something that minute. This is also the first Mac I have owned that does not have an optical drive (big step that I am happy to see!). Eight minutes left for the data transfer (thanks Time Machine). There is a dialog box in the photo above – yeah…I am on a computer without Photoshop and also feeling like I would rather spend time with the new computer than adjusting.

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