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I cannot stress how amazing the Apache community has been when I have needed help. Not only do I spend a lot of time reading the great documentation on the Apache web site, I subscribe to the Apache mailing lists, and when I really need help fast, I jump on the #Apache channel using IRC (server=irc.freenode.net). So, if you ever have any questions/problems with Apache, support is only a few minutes away. (I had questions about some mod_rewrite syntax yesterday that I got instant help with yesterday via the IRC channel.) I know I promised a link today to my XOOPS project, but I still need a day or so to figure out the cacheing. I am not someone who likes to release links unless they are pretty polished, and I am not there yet.
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all work, no play!

It is coming up on a month since I last golfed…but thankfully that is about to end. The last few weekends I have been putting in 8 hours or more (hours seem like minutes) of work per day between my work with Solaris, Apache, XOOPS, and organizing my workspace. Although I have accomplished a lot, […]

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XOOPS 99% completed.

After a weekend packed of long hours working on getting everything just right…I am 99% complete. Now it is time to get picky with CSS as well as use Apache’s mod_rewrite to clean up some of the nasty URLs XOOPS creates. Tomorrow…the link.