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Fun with mod_rewrite

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Apache’s mod_rewrite is very powerful. You can prevent hot-linking to your site’s graphics to prevent others from stealing them, redirect your from your old URL to a new URL, re-write URLs, as well as about 500 other really cool things…but today I wanted to share the syntax needed to redirect every incoming URL for a particular web site to a specific page. Why? This could come in handy when doing work on a site and you have a “Performing Updates” (in this case index.html) page. You can put the following code in your .htaccess or httpd.conf file: # Enable rewrite... Read More » Read more Web Development WordPress

wordpress permalinks fix.

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I had been struggling with the the next/previous links on my WordPress blog now for several months. Nothing excites me about mod_rewrite and permalinks in general. I know both are very powerful, but with power comes frustration. My problem: All my permalinks were working correctly except for the next page/previous page links. WordPress was trying to use the URL: which was not working. My setup: I am using WordPress as a CMS so my site is all in WordPress. My WordPress and blog address are the same: (anything else produced an internal server error). I am using a... Read More » Read more

Apache Hints

apache support.

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I cannot stress how amazing the Apache community has been when I have needed help. Not only do I spend a lot of time reading the great documentation on the Apache web site, I subscribe to the Apache mailing lists, and when I really need help fast, I jump on the #Apache channel using IRC ( So, if you ever have any questions/problems with Apache, support is only a few minutes away. (I had questions about some mod_rewrite syntax yesterday that I got instant help with yesterday via the IRC channel.) I know I promised a link today to my... Read More » Read more