jappler.com v5


Well, now that I have spent countless hours working on mastering CSS and also getting back to my color scheme of choice (not sure what it is? you will have to wait) I am getting ready to release yet another version of jappler.com. I am finished with my site style sheet for NS browsers and need to now incorporate wordpress into it. After that, I will need to make some minor changes for IE, and then I will be done. In total, I have probably put in well over 50 hours on the new design, but most were reading about and figuring out CSS and hen cross checking the code in 4 browsers to look at compliance. I am hoping I can pull everything together this weekend, so stay tuned.

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Web Development

text wrangler (now free!).

I have been using BBEdit Lite ever since I learned HTML back in college. I have never owned a full version because I use Adobe GoLive’s source code editor for any of my source code needs where I like to have an auto-complete option when writing code. Thanks to Bare Bones Software, I can now […]

Hints UNIX

sed and awk.

In my latest bit of training, I learned about sed and awk. sed is a line editor (stream editor) (scripting with ed). awk is a pattern-directed scanning and processing language and divides each line to fields by separating words by spaces or other specified field separators. Some tidbits about using sed to quickly edit files: […]