Hello Sony Grand Wega!


Sony TV

This has been a very exciting month for me. Multiple people asked me what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas and since my primary focus was on my son Evan’s birth and the end of Amy’s pregnancy, I kept telling everyone if they wanted to get me something, just get my a AmEx gift card or money. With all of that money plus some of my own I decided to upgrade for a 27″ TV to a Sony 50″ Grand WEGAâ„¢ 3LCD Rear Projection HDTV. I am upgrading to a HDTV satellite in the next two weeks and am very excited to catch the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl in HDTV. A big thanks to Doug for pushing me to finally get a decent TV.

3 thoughts on “Hello Sony Grand Wega!”

  1. jenz

    You know it. I am going to hopefully cancel Vonage soon so I can get back to playing some SoCom with you.

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