All I Want is HDTV

I did not think getting HDTV was going to be so hard. Last summer I finally dropped over priced crappy Comcast for DirecTV. I have not had any issues with DirecTV and overall have been very happy with their service and picture quality. I recently bought a new TV and decided that the next step was obviously an upgrade to DirecTV’s HDTV programming. I had an appointment with the service technician yesterday to get everything installed so I could watch the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl in HD. Unfortunately the person from DirecTV told me I had too many trees in the way for their HD signals. I am now stuck with their standard signal (which was ok for the old TV, but it looks crappy on the new TV) until at least August unless I pay to break the contract. Not only does that suck, but my alternative is going to be going back to overpriced Comcast. Yuck! What to do…

hello sony grand wega!

Sony TV

This has been a very exciting month for me. Multiple people asked me what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas and since my primary focus was on my son Evan’s birth and the end of Amy’s pregnancy, I kept telling everyone if they wanted to get me something, just get my a AmEx gift card or money. With all of that money plus some of my own I decided to upgrade for a 27″ TV to a Sony 50″ Grand WEGAâ„¢ 3LCD Rear Projection HDTV. I am upgrading to a HDTV satellite in the next two weeks and am very excited to catch the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl in HDTV. A big thanks to Doug for pushing me to finally get a decent TV.