Looking For Inspiration for Over 12 Years: Apple.com


Over the past 12 years (I remember starting to look to Apple for great web design back in 1999) – I have often looked to Apple’s web site for best practices in navigation (top/tabbed), general layout, and usage of imagery when thinking about designing web sites for myself or my clients. I have to admit – in the last year or so I have not gone to Apple’s web site to really spend time looking at what they have done new, until this morning. Look for some proof of this time spent in my next WordPress premium theme.

It did not take long to realize Apple still does web design right. Everything is extremely clean, easy to navigate, the imagery is beautiful, and even the text looks amazing. Apple does a great job of spacing everything, adding in just enough cool javascript (sliders/slideshows, etc) to make everything extremely clean and perfectly executed.

Next time you are thinking about creating a design – take a few minutes and zip around the Apple web site. You cannot help but to be inspired. They have put in an amazing amount of time to piece together something that is truly amazing and I am sure will continue to do so in the years to come.

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