I have been working with WordPress for multiple years now and I decided I needed to start reviewing some of my favorite plugins – as I receive a number of requests about what plugins I use/prefer. I am going to start with a newcomer: WP Newsletter. This plugin works great for WordPress sites allows you to:

  • create a customized newsletter for your readers or customers using the same theme based layout as you use for creating WordPress themes
  • offer a newsletter archive within WordPress
  • seamless integration with the WordPress Admin
  • use custom Newsletter WordPress template for easy integration into existing WordPress web site or blog
  • customize welcome email for new subscribers that can be modified within the WordPress Admin

The plugin developer is very responsive and open to new ideas and adding functionality to his plugin. There are also many other general newsletter functions you would expect and want

If you need a newsletter plugin for WordPess, check it out!

UPDATE: 02.2009
This plugin is no longer recommended. If you are looking for a great newsletter plugin – check out MailPress

24 thoughts on “WordPress Newsletter Plugin”

  1. HD

    This plugin has potential but is far from finished, there are so many little issues that haven’t been fixed – I would go as far as to say there has been no debugging done.

  2. jenz

    I also ran into a few issues but the developer was very responsive and updated the plugin with the fixes I needed very promptly. I would recommend contacting the developer so he is aware of your issues and can help address them.

  3. Heather

    I would NOT recommend this plugin. Maybe at one point, the developer was responsive, but now he doesn’t seem to be.

    The documentation has been taken offline, the support forums have been taken offline, and support now is only though direct email to the developer. …And he doesn’t answer your questions.

    I’ve asked him several questions over the course of the last few months, and he hasn’t answered a single one of them.

    The plugin didn’t work at all for me.

    Finally I sent him an angry email demanding a refund. He still didn’t respond to my email or questions or anything, but he did refund my money.

    So he’s atleast reading his emails. But he’s obviously not responding to them.

    Someone needs to develop a better plugin, I would stay away from this one if I were you.

  4. Easily Amused

    Yeah. We are having the same problem. Our clients are PISSED!
    And, I agree; wordpress plugins should be freeware; and if this dude IS charging, then he needs to be responsible and provide another stable release and cut it off or something. This is silly.

  5. Trace

    Thank you for the heads up guys on lack of response…was considering this… I completely disagree that plugins should be freeware… you get what you pay for.

  6. HumanFly

    DO NOT BUY THIS PLUGIN. I’ve been waiting for months for a simple answer and if you visit the plugin forums, you’ll see I’m not the only one and people are getting seriously pissed. Additionally, a security flaw was discovered (but I can’t confirm this information). You can find out more in the forums and decide for yourselves.

    I’m surprised no-one else has created something similar, but if he doesn’t have the time to fix bugs (I’m not asking for new features), he should:

    1. Hire someone to do this, and keep charging for it.
    2. Make the plugin open source and re-gain his respect as developer. I’m sure he has made enough money for all the time he spent building this thing.

  7. misterpants

    I’ll join the chorus of people saying not to buy this plugin. It’s an absolute ripoff. It doesn’t work, and there is no support whatsoever. That guy should be ashamed of himself.

  8. Andrea

    @Michael: I don’t suggest tribulant’s plugin: I have problems with the installation, and seems there’s not support: after 1 week I did’nt get an answer for my problem. Other user had the same experience, no response after weeks; so I paid money for nothing!

  9. Alan

    Thanks for the information regarding this folks, i was looking at getting this plugin as i wanted to install a newsletter but one that ran from the same admin panel as WP. Guess i’ll have to look around.

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