Short Game Practice


Every day for the last week I have been going outside after work with Triscuit to practice my short game. Triscuit runs laps, and I get my sand wedge and some wiffle golf balls out and aim for a specific target (the sandbox).

I am hoping to focus on my short game and course management this year with golf. I believe that by working on both of these important parts of the game that I will begin seeing my scores drop. As for course management, I have to use the George Costanza way of thinking…doing the exact oposite of what my instinct says to do.

(Yes, I am one of those golfers who thinks it is a better idea to go right through trees than to play a safe shot….and yes, I have hit a ball into a nearby tree that then came back at me and hit me in the stomach…senior year high school, hole #1 in the pines). Watch out Doug!

3 thoughts on “Short Game Practice”

  1. timfitz

    Costanza! I’m glade that you are practicing on hitting the ball in the sand. That’s what I tell people when I go golfing.

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