2G iPod on last leg.


I bought my iPod back in 2002. It is big and bulky, but trouble free for four years. Last week when I tried to scroll through the menus to chose a song to listen to, my screen went faint, and would only show contrast upon getting to certain points in the menu. When connected to my computer, the display is fine, plenty of contrast, and seems to be working fine. When I unplug it…it is too faint to see. I reset the iPod to the factory settings without luck and even put it into the diagnostic mode to see if I could run some tests. What I could see, all came back with a pass. Any thoughts? If not…a new iPod is in the new future (30 gig black video iPod..and yeah, the first thing I will do is toss those sucky Apple earphones. Suck it up and buy a $10.00 pair of Sony headphones and hear the huge difference. I am not a headphone snob…I do not have a pair of Bose noise cancelling, but I do laugh at the majority of people who I see using Apple’s “trendy” white earphones that have horrible sound quality…and often fall out easily.)

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