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Well, this weekend was full of golf…54 holes. On hole 46, I threw my first club ever (3 wood)…and I made sure it was a good throw…into the lake. I had used this 3 wood since the early 90s and my father had used it before then…so it was not like it was anything great.

I had been looking to replace it for the last two to three years, and just had to get rid of it…right then. With golf you need to focus on your most important shot, the current one, so I finished the hole, and went on to the next one and was able to get close to a hole in one (see picture below).

I am not real proud of my tossing of the club, but I am glad I am finally forced to get a new club. Doug thought the old 3 wood was cramping my style anyways ;). I am now looking at putting either a Cleveland Launcher, a Ping G2, or a Titleist 904f in my bag.

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