Western Open

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Well, I had tickets to the Western Open today. I have to say, it was pretty darn cool to see some of my favorite players in action. To see them hit great shots and then to turn around and have difficuly in the sand…well it was priceless. It made me feel much better about my game. I could not get over was how flowing and calm their swings were, and how shots on the green were hit so delicately. The pros are much more graceful than I am (I know it is hard to believe). On another note, I have to say I was sick of seeing and hearing Cialis after a few minutes of being there. I was not sure if I was lost in a Cialis marketting warehouse or I was watching a golf event. I have never seen so much in your face sponsorship in my life. Otherwise, it was a great experience. I followed John Daly on the back side of the course and enjoyed watching him “grip it and rip it.”

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