awesome dashboard widgets.


So you are bored or need a break and you use Mac OS X 10.4.x. Do you hit F12 and bring up Dashboard? I have to admit, I do not use it as much as I thought I would…but there are some great widgets I would like to share with you.

  • Hula Girl. What is a dashboard without a hula girl?
  • Lite Brite. I personally loved my Lite Brite when I was a kid…now I can play with one any time of the day.
  • PacMan. Sounds and all, this is by far my favorite game widget. I am instantly taken back to the days of pizza parties and sit down PacMan.
  • Asteroids. Another good 1980s classic.
  • Moof widget. Who doesn’t need to hear a moof now and then?
  • What’s Now Playing on the TiVo? There are important things in life and I like to know what of those important things 😉 TiVo recorded.
  • Reversi. Everyone loves a quick game of reversi (othello), right?
  • Golf Tips. Unless you are living near my grandmother so she can give her world famous golf tips….this will have to do.
  • Cinema Cam. The coolest webcam I have seen so far. Just a few edits, and you can customize the widget to show your web cams of choice.

Check some out…if nothing else, grab PacMan!!

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