Timing Is Everything

Life Serenity Now!

I would have totally been up for this if I got it BEFORE it started instead of AFTER it started…by three hours. Let’s hope they got some people for the event.

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World Trade Center Must Read

I have been following the World Trade Center area since the horrific events unfolded just short of 10 years ago. If you are curious about the reconstruction of 1 World Trade Center – take a look at this great illustration/timeline: http://www.bspcn.com/2011/08/28/world-trade-center-reborn/.

Music Podcasts

DJ Dan Morrell

Every once and awhile I come across music that I really enjoy. If you like upbeat dance music – check out Chicago’s very own DJ Dan Morrell. Make sure you check out his podcasts. I have bought more music after listening to them than I have in a long time! Good stuff. Anything else? Yes […]