Summer 2023 Playlist


Not all playlists are created equally and this one is on point and repeat.

I listen to music for 8-10 hours a day and cannot imagine life without it. I usually put together a playlist each season which represents what I am listening to during that season. Since putting this together I have added in a few songs here and there, but I had to share this one as I cannot seem to listen to anything else.

You will find me listening to this in the car, in the office, and in my home gym.

A few highlights:

Changing (feat. Paloma Faith) I found this around 50 minutes into my hour run with Susie Chan and it instantly became a song I had on repeat.

  • Lucid Love There is something special about this. I cannot seem to get enough of this song.
  • Where You Are This has become one of my all time favorite songs. There is no volume too loud for it.
  • I See You Baby I am re-watching Sopranos this summer and this song instantly reminds me of the show.
  • We On Top (feat. Shari Short). This just makes me smile and remember when I first heard this song while watching Dance Moms (which if you know me…you would question everything about that).
  • If you are not familiar with any of those highlighted songs – check them out.

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