Move The Most Weight Workout (Partner)

DVRT Kettlebells Workouts

This is a great workout that will challenge you and your workout partner by seeing who can move the most weight.

The Format

Each exercise will be done for 2 minutes by each partner. Example – you and your partner will both do 2 minutes of cleans. It is up to you to either go faster/lighter or go heavier/slower. In the end you will want to move as much weight as possible (and hopefully more than your partner). One of you will start by doing the cleans first while your partner counts the reps. After the two minutes – you will then calculate the amount of weight moved, and then the partner that counted reps the first round, will then do the reps while the person that just did the reps counts for their partner (aka – this is your break). Weight would be calculated by reps x weight of the weights used. If you do 100 reps with a 45lb bar – you would then have moved 4,500 pounds of weight. Once you and your partner have completed the round – the person who moved the most weight then will choose 10 burpees vs. jumping jacks. You will then before moving to the next piece of equipment, do 10 burpees or jumping jacks until your partner finishes the burpees (the burpees are the pacer/timer). So – for example – this would further push me to move more weight because I do not want to get stuck doing burpees.

The Warmup

Go through 2x for 20s on, 10s off.

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Squats
  3. Lunges
  4. Arm Circles

The Timing

For each exercise – set the clock for 2 minutes per partner. You are either doing the exercise or counting your partner’s reps. Each exercise will then be done in total for 4 minutes (2 minutes you/2 minutes your partner). You will use the rep counting time as your break.

The Workout

I broke it into 3 groups based on equipment:

  1. Weight bar
  2. DVRT Sandbags
  3. Kettlebells

You will start with one piece of equipment and do 2 different exercises by alternating 2 minutes on (doing the exercise)/2 minutes off (counting reps), then moving to the next piece of equipment. (Remember to also calculate how much weight you move with each piece of equipment and then do the 10 burpees/10 jumping jacks before moving to the next piece of equipment.

Weight bar

  • Back Squat
  • Presses

DVRT Sandbag

  • Cleans
  • Front Loaded Lunges


  • Swings
  • High Pulls

In the end – write down how much weight you moved and repeat at a later date to see if you can either meet or beat that amount of weight.

Finish it with 5 minutes of your choice of core.

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