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There are no more than 5 people that understand what I do for a job, so I decided to take my son Evan with me today on an onsite call to see my work in action.

I enjoy what I do for a living (most of the time). I work with individuals and companies all over the world to provide them with technical solutions. I map out and then implement these solutions using data and code in the form of web and phone applications. I focus and pride myself on explaining these sometimes very complex solutions in non-technical terms. I do not design webpages, I design entire company processes. Those few sentences might be more information that my family could give to others if asked what I do, but there you go.

This summer has been very busy and stressful for me work wise so I decided it was time at least one member of my family could see what all this stress/hard work was for.

One of my clients was using an early stage survey system I designed and implemented over the last few weeks. There had been some reports from users that there was an issue so I wanted to go and be there in person when the users were using it in real time. I got up early today, implemented a few debugging tools, deployed new code, and took a deep breath in hopes all would go well.

Evan and I headed over to Northwestern’s campus (where my system was being used) and I gave him a quick rundown of how my system would be used and what he could help me do if there was an issue. Fortunately – it went well and out of 50 people who used my system which collected over 2,500 different data points – only one person had an issue due to a phone version issue.

While I walked away knowing it was a success, it was even more rewarding to see Evan realize how my work impacted actual people. This was a small test base, but he could now fully understand how my one solution affects thousands of users and millions of data points and then perhaps understand why I have to answer some work calls early in the morning, late at night, and sometimes while on vacation.

Today being able to see my son get a glimpse of understanding what I do helped me see that – while it is sometimes challenging and stressful – it is well worth it in the end.

Thanks for the reminder Evan!

2 thoughts on “What Is It That I Do?”

  1. Vickey Zelazny

    What a great experience for Evan to be with you today! And thank you for more explanation of what it is that you do. We are really proud of you and what you have accomplished in your work.

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