A Full Bag


I have had a busy summer so far but had made time for golf almost weekly. I purchased a new putter a few weeks ago and now it is time to fill out the bag – with a 2 iron (my Grandpa Z would be proud) and a gap wedge – both Ping G2 to match the rest of my irons.

I am hoping to order them tomorrow to have them for next weekend’s golf trip. Not too many people like or even carry a 2 iron, but my 3 iron – an enemy last year – has been my favorite club to hit by far this year. I will then be carrying a driver, 3 wood (both Titleist) then a 2-SW and a Ping G5i putter.

This will be the first time I will have a “full” bag of clubs. Now it is time to start consistently beating my competition – Doug when I am not losing to myself.

4 thoughts on “A Full Bag”

  1. Jon

    Oh man…you better try that 2 iron before you buy it! What did Lee Travino say? “Not even God can hit a two iron.” Actually he might have said one iron. Same thing really.

    And did you ever think about a hybrid? Ping makes some nice ones.

    By the way, I have a Ping hat for you. Got it from the store…we’re supposed to wear it on weekends, but none of us do.

  2. jenz

    I am going to get the 2HL which will give me some loft. My grandfather was a 1 iron guy – I tried it for a long time and could not get that thing off the ground, but the HL should be the ticket. Thanks for the hat!

  3. doug

    I just wanted to let you know that you made a mistake in this post. You clearly referred to someone by the name of Doug. You also claimed that you were going to start consistently beating said “Doug”. However you hyperlinked the name Doug to my website. Since that would imply you were going to start consistently beating me, this link must be errant. Where is the quality control on this site?

  4. jenz

    You must not be aware of the elite team of QC engineers that comb over my work. They said to keep the link. I agree.

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