Summer Golf is Here


I recently went out golfing for the first time with Doug at my favorite course Foxford Hills. I only got out a few times last year and I was not sure what the outing would be like.

When I got there – my putting on the putting green was horrible – and did not get any better when playing 18 holes. Fortunately my drives and my long iron shots were solid and got me on the green plenty of times to put for a birdie or par…which thanks to my putting did not produce too many pars at all and no birdies.

It was nice to get greeted by the starter who said “wow I have not seen you for a long time”. At least he remembered me 😉 Now it is time to put some time in on the putting green so I can start to knock off some strokes.

I am in the market for a new 3 wood – I have 0 confidence in mine and it is time I had something that could go a bit longer than my 2 iron. My initial thought is to get the latest PING wood and stick with that. Anyone else have any recommendations?

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