Time To Clean Out the Trunk…


Well – I think it is finally time to take my golf clubs out of my trunk. I spent the morning yesterday getting the driveway clear with the snowblower (it was like Christmas to me). I love the snow, using the snow blower, and being out in the cold (think: free air conditioning). Unfortunately, this means I will have to give up golf for a few months. Oh well, but hopefully we will get some more snow so I can enjoy another hour or so using the snowblower.

4 thoughts on “Time To Clean Out the Trunk…”

  1. Doug

    I just took mine out too – what a sad day. It will be a long winter thinking about the no-putt par in the dark to beat you for the last round of the season that I had.

  2. Jennifer Zelazny

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder of how I fell apart on my last 9 holes for the year after having an outstanding first 9 holes that day. You wait…next spring, I will get it together. That is a Pesanka guarentee.

  3. Ben

    Wait, what kind of guarantee is that?

    It also occurs to me… Isn’t that what bright neon-colored golf balls are for? Golf in the snow? 😉

  4. Jennifer Zelazny

    The Pesanka guarantee is the only guarantee that someone ever needs….it will “definitely” happen. The bright neon golf balls are for crazy people who like to golf at dusk, children, and suckers who lose bets on the first nine and get stuck playing with a bright pink ball on the back nine…that they cannot seem to “lose”.

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