Time To Clean Out the Trunk…

Well – I think it is finally time to take my golf clubs out of my trunk. I spent the morning yesterday getting the driveway clear with the snowblower (it was like Christmas to me). I love the snow, using the snow blower, and being out in the cold (think: free air conditioning). Unfortunately, this means I will have to give up golf for a few months. Oh well, but hopefully we will get some more snow so I can enjoy another hour or so using the snowblower.

officially my father's daughter.

Just growing up south of Buffalo, NY there were plenty of mornings where we would wake up to multiple feet of snow on the ground…that needed to be cleared before we could go to school. I am guessing because we had a long driveway my father always had a snow blower…and absolutely loved to use it. Enter Chicago weather today. I had purchased a good snow blower last year after we bought our house, but never really had any hard core days with heavy wet snow to really test it out…until today. I woke up this morning, looked outside and realized even though the LandRover would have no problems getting through the 12″ of snow in our driveway, I knew if I did not take care of it, Amy – 8 months pregnant – would try. The snowblower did not want to start after a few attempts so I laughed, and told Amy it was time we went out and bought some starter fluid. Why did I laugh? This is one of those tricks my I fondly remember my father teaching me…in the middle of winter with the temperature below zero…a foot or so of snow in the driveway, and the snowblower not wanting to start. I think Amy questioned the degree of how it would work, but after a two second spray into the choke, the snowblower started right up and I was in business. So thanks dad for teaching me that great trick!