Tis the Season


I, for some crazy reason, agreed to go to one of the busiest malls in America yesterday with a friend. Of course it was supposed to be a quick in – quick out shopping experience, but as soon as you get there, it always turns into a “ohh, I also need to go to x”. Not only were the lines were hideous in the stores, one women told us the line to see Santa was at 3 hours! I just have a hard time dealing with all the people and the non-holiday spirit.

I remember when Christmas seemed so special, but I think that ended the year the cabbage patch dolls arrived because from then on – it seemed to have turned from “what I want” to “what the big companies want me to want”. Seriously…broken bones from trying to get a doll? At my holiday get together we have turned to giving gift cards – but it is rare that we actually get a surprise or something that took a lot of thought. Nothing against anyone in my family, we just all seem to buy what we want.

What is the point here? I just wonder how long this is going to last and when/if Christmas is going to go back to being more about the people than about the gifts? What will my kids think about Christmas and will they ever feel excited about Christmas, or will they just expect gifts and be more disappointed then happy about what they get, if they do not get exactly what they wanted?

It is time to re-think this holiday and to re-simplify it.

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