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Over the last week – I have been trying to clean up my files and delete any non-essential email in order to tidy everything up. After deleting a number of files – I noticed my quota within Google Drive was still showing the same percent full before and after I deleted the files.

After waiting a few days and still not seeing any change in the size in the Google quota – I decided I needed to take some further action. I then realized – that when you delete files in your Google Drive – you then need to “empty the trash” before the files are actually gone.

How to empty the trash:

  1. Log into Google Drive
  2. Click on the trash icon in the left sidebar
  3. At the top of the page – you will now see a Trash menu. Click on that and then choose “Empty Trash”

After you are all done emptying the trash – check out your newly updated storage quota.

7 thoughts on “How to Empty Trash with Google Drive”

  1. Jan Owen

    I can’t find the trash. Am I in “my drive” ? because there is nothing in the side bar menu that says trash.

  2. Jan Owen

    I can’t find the trash on google drive. Am I suppose to be in “my drive” ? because there is nothing in the side bar menu that says trash.

      • Jan Owen

        I found it, I can’t see it on my iPad…very strange. I went to my desktop and opened up the Google drive from there and see the trash very plainly and promptly gave myself 3 more gig of space. Thank you so much for responding

  3. Jennifer Vieyra

    I am having the same problem – there is no trash in googledrive on my pc

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