LandRover Event – Year 2


Last year right after we bought the LR3 – we decided to do a LandRover sponsored event to learn just what the vehicle is made for/can do (besides look really sweet). We got some video/photos but they just did not see to do what we did justice. This year we brought some friends along who also got some photos/videos.

This is not your average SUV.

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From Twitter

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-03

Just got home from a Land Rover event with a pretty mud caked LR3. Good times and two challenging courses! # A big thanks to @PatrickLRover for sponsoring the Land Rover outing! #

From Twitter

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-26

From Chicago's First Lady… # Why does TiVo take so long to start up? #TiVo # Listening to the Dance Department podcast: 300 extra hour for the third time today. You have outdone yourself @dennisruyer. Thanks! # Latest purchase…time to school all in Haunted House #