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So Long, Farewell ben!

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After working with Ben for almost eight years he had decided to move on. I wanted to wish Ben all the luck in the world. We had a great time working together for many years…as he put up with my on again off again relationship with Mac OS X Server and I put up with his “not as funny as he thought” videos and comics 😉 We also had a good time playing Carmageddon 2, Diablo, Diablo II and Quake 3 Arena. We did do some great work in between all the games and great music (I got him out... Read More » Read more

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That Time of Year

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Well, I have one last weekend before the madness begins. The Penn State fight song and other Blue Band classics will be heard blasting from my office and iPod. My priorities shift…golf on Saturdays will take a back seat to college football. I, of course, love Penn State football and Joe Paterno, but living where I do, I get a lot of other great football games too (note, Notre Dame games are not great nor watched in my home…unless they play PSU). I have tickets for one game already…was going to be two, but a wedding messed up my plans.... Read More » Read more