Some Things Never Change


Items on my dresser

Yesterday I walked in my bedroom and had to laugh when looking at my side of the dresser. I guess I will always be a kid at heart with my Pocket Simon, a lego version of the Sears tower, my cap gun from when I was little, my little people on their playground toys, a ceramic figurine I have had since first grade, and a football. A good deal of that stuff is usually on my dresser – but the football and cap gun put it over the top with coolness 😉 Who wants to come over and play?

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Serenity Now!

Plastic Card Payment

Some form buttons need to be noted – and this is one of them. Really – a simple “Continue” would not have worked? Where is this from? Library of Congress. Perhaps I should have donated more to help out the programming team.

From Twitter

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-06-19

Going to finally release Lucidity Mobile this week. A simple, clean WP mobile theme. Stay tuned! #wordpress # SVN + Redmine = Awesome #redmine # If your cell phone ring aka song is so loud you can't understand the lyrics perhaps you should turn it down #