Quarantine at Home Boxing – The Fight Goes On!

Another Thursday – another at home boxing class.

Warm Up

3 Minute Rounds (if there is an “add” – do that at the minute marks)
Goal: Make sure the last move in your combo is not the punch – it is some sort of movement after the punch.

What I would really like: non-stop movement for 3 minutes. Little movements go a long way.

What I am working on (as should you): Mixing up how you hold your hands. Whip some punches out with loose hands until the snap at the end. Work to see if this helps your speed.

1) Jab/Cross/Hook
— Add Cross
— Add Hook
Focus on: mixing up tempo/moving with one of the punches)

2) Jab/Cross (Body)/L Hook/Cross (Head)
— Add Slip R/Duck L
— Add L Hook
Focus on: really extending that first cross while really turning those hips)

3) Left Hand Only
Focus on: keeping that right hand high/glued to your face. Pick your shots. Play with timing.

4) Non-stop punches
Focus on: endurance. Mind over matter.

5) Right Hand Only
Focus on: keeping that left hand high/glued to your face. Work on small steps each direction after the combos)

6) Jab/Jab/Cross
— Add Right Hook
— Add Jab
Focus on: getting that first jab back fast. Work on jab to the body too.

7) Cross/Hook/Cross
— Add Duck R
— Add R Uppercut
Focus on: fast ducks and setting up that killer right uppercut.

8) Jab/Cross/Jab/Cross
— Add Step L/L Hook
— Add Step R/ R Uppercut
Focus on: small steps to get out of the center. You only need to move a little more than width of a boxing glove. Just get your head out of the center.

Pacer Workout With Friends

I love pacer workouts. They force me to work harder, faster, and also to cheer others on as we go through the workout. The premise – you have (for example) 5 people working out together doing a circuit (each person is rotating through a group of exercises). One of the people in the group then has a certain number of reps to do which “sets the pace” for everyone else. So – as an example – if I am the pacer below in Group 1 – everyone else does their exercise in the circuit as long as it takes me to do 20 squat presses. This in turn makes me more mentally aware of wanting to go as fast as possible (with good form) so that my friends are not stuck doing their assigned circuit exercise.

Generally – the number of circuit exercises is defined by the number of people you are working out with. Yesterday – we had 5 people so you will see each grouping has 5 exercises. Each person also gets the opportunity to be the pacer first one time too so there is some rotation.

Grouping #1:

  1. Squat & Press 20 (pacer)
  2. Mt. Climbers
  3. Sit Ups
  4. Burpees
  5. Rows

Grouping #2

  1. Surrenders 12 (pacer)
  2. Shoulder touches
  3. Leg raises
  4. Jumping Jacks
  5. Bicep Curls

Grouping #3

  1. Snatch (12 per arm) (pacer)
  2. Knee to elbow plank
  3. Russian Twists
  4. 180 jumps
  5. Front -> Lateral Raises

Grouping #4

  1. Highpulls (20) (pacer)
  2. Moving Plank
  3. Heel Raises
  4. Squat jumps
  5. Tricep dips

Grouping #5

  1. Pushups (20) (pacer)
  2. Plank Jacks
  3. Plyo-Lunges
  4. Flutters
  5. Chest Fly on Ball

Grouping #6

  1. One Legged Rows (12 per leg) (pacer)
  2. Plank – reaching out in front of you
  3. Lunges (front, side, back, side, front)
  4. Jumping Jacks with weight (body to 90 degrees)
  5. Weighted Straight Punches

Thank you Apple

It is nice to see people working together and focusing on the positives. A huge thanks to Apple!

Burpees, Squat Jumps, and Shadow Boxing

Today’s workout is inspired by something I got from Brute Force with a touch of me.

The workout: 20 minutes EMOM (every minute on the minute).

Set a timer for 20 minutes.

Each minute – do 5 squat jumps and 5 burpees. With the remaining time – shadow box. When each new minute starts – repeat. 5 squat jumps, 5 burpees, shadow boxing.

No breaks!

Thursday Boxing Workout (Bag)

One of my favorites today is what I would call a counting workout. I call out a combo – and the number of times to throw it and then we hit the bag on my count. Set the clock for 40 minutes and no breaks. Depending on your pace you may need to add or remove some of the following:

Right-handed person: Front arm = left arm
Left-handed person: Back arm = right arm

Jab = 1
Cross = 2
Front arm hook = 3
Back arm hook = 4
Front arm uppercut = 5
Back arm uppercut = 6

  1. 50: 1 (single jab)
  2. 50: 2 (single cross)
  3. 40: 1-2 (jab/cross)
  4. 30: 1-2-3 (jab/cross/hook)
  5. 20: 1-2-3-6 (jab/cross/hook/uppercut)
  6. 10: 1-2-3-6 squat
  1. 40: 1-3 (jab/hook)
  2. 40: 2-4 (cross/hook)
  3. 30: 1-2 (jab/jab/uppercut)
  4. 30: 2-2-5 (cross/cross/uppercut)
  5. 20: 1-1-2-3-6 (jab/jab/cross/hook/uppercut)
  6. 20: 1-2-2-4-5 (jab/cross/cross/hook/uppercut)
  1. 50: 6-3 (uppercut/hook)
  2. 40: 6-3-2 (uppercut/hook/cross)
  3. 30: 6-3-2-2 (uppercut/hook/cross/cross)
  4. 20: 6-3-2-2-duck-front-hook-4(uppercut/hook/cross/cross/duck-front-hook/hook)
  5. 10: 6-3-2-2-duck-front-hook-4-sprawl(uppercut/hook/cross/cross/duck-front-hook/hook/sprawl)
  1. 30: 1-1-2 (jab/jab/cross)
  2. 30: 1-1-2-1 (jab/jab/cross/jab)
  3. 20: 1-1-2-1-6 (jab/jab/cross/jab/uppercut)
  4. 20: 1-1-2-1-6 (jab/jab/cross/jab/uppercut)
  5. 10: 1-1-2-3-6-3 (jab/jab/cross/hook/uppercut/hook)
  6. 10: 1-1-2-3-6-3 pushup (jab/jab/cross/hook/uppercut/hook/pushup)

Stop the Insanity!

Where is Susan Powter when we need her? Remember “Stop the Insanity” from the 1990s?

Instead of spending time reading about the COVID-19 stats – stop the insanity and take a few minutes and read about “Inspirational, uplifting, funny and happy news, photos, videos and more.”

TODAY’s Good News.

Beating Home Shelter Anxiety

With extra time on our hands during the “shelter in home” times – I have been trying to keep my mind off all the uncertainties by doing tasks around the house. If you find yourself with a wandering mind and increased anxiety – try doing one or some of the following. You will feel a sense of accomplishment as well as have a break from the anxiety and/or boredom.

  1. Devices: Go through all your photos on your photos on your phone and remove any that you do not need (for me – this includes mistakes, pictures of shopping lists, etc). This will free up memory on your phone and make finding photos you actually want to see easier.
  2. Inside: Go through your media in your house (old DVDs, CDs, etc). Do you even own something that these can be played on? If the answer is no – donate or throw them away. If you do still have a device that they work on – try and eliminate ones you know you have not and will not watch within the next year. Let’s face it – by that time there is a good chance you will not have the device or will have something better. (Example – I own the Sopranos full series on DVD but I also have a HBO subscription which has all of them available on demand. Why am I holding on to these? Repeat this task for clothing, shoes, and anything else you “should go through but never seem to have the time to do”
  3. Outside: As we get closer to nicer weather consider starting a garden or even a pot of herbs. Figure out what you love fresh and try and plant it. This will also go a long way with less trips to and relying on the grocery store.
  4. For Others: Each day – pick up the phone and instead of typing – put it up to your ear and actually call/talk to someone you “should call” or “wonder how they are doing”. Have older relatives? Write them an actual letter.
  5. For You: Being able to control something in these uncertain times can go a long way. Do yourself a favor and get on the scale (just do it!) and use these few weeks to get control of your health by eating better and moving more. Time spent running to the stores should now turn into time walking (inside or out), doing simple body weight exercises/stretches and anything to make you physically and emotionally stronger.

All in all – not being able to see friends/loved ones is tough, but we can use this time to focus on a number of “I/we should” things we have putting off. Put that worry energy into something positive and improve your life!