35 Minute Workout (Partner)

DVRT Kettlebells Workouts

This is a great workout that does not focus on shoulder exercises (great after a heavy shoulder workout) .

The Format

Partner up and go through each group by having your partner start with the first exercise while you are doing the core or cardio in the red. Example – group 1 – your partner does 10 BOSU burpees and while they do that (they are the pacer) – you hold a plank (red group 1). When they get done with the BOSU burpees, you do your 10 BOSU burpees while they hold a plank. When you are done, your partner does 10 tuck ups on the BOSU while you do a side plank. Switch, continue through as many times as you can for7 minutes.

The Warmup

Go through the red #1 grouping 2x for 20s on, 10s off.

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. 180° Jumps
  3. Sprawl/Burpee

The Timing

Set the clock for 7 minutes and once the seven minutes are up, go to the next grouping.

The Workout

I broke it into five groups based on equipment:

  1. BOSU/Medecine ball
  2. Kettlebells
  3. Deadlifts
  4. DVRT Sandbags
  5. Bands (placed on your ankles)
  6. Bench

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