40 Minute Heavy Lifting Workout

DVRT Kettlebells Workouts

Here is a workout to add into the mix which focuses on lifting heavy, to failure.

The Format

Partner up and go through each group by doing each exercises until you think you cannot do any more, then do one more. Your partner, while you are working with the weighted exercises, is doing core or cardio (their choice such as holding a plank, doing sit-ups, etc). Alternate for 5 minutes on the weighted moves/other. Make sure you count your reps so you can try and get the same number in each time.

The Timing

Set the clock for 5 minutes and once the five minutes are up, go to the next exercise.

The Workout

I broke it into two sections but depending on what equipment you have – you do not need to do the same. Bar = weight bar) No bar = dumbbells, kettlebells, or DVRT sandbags. The focus is to go heavy. Example – If you normally row with a particular kettlebell weight, go up a kettlebell weight or two.

  1. Bench Press
  2. Back Squat
  3. Deadlifts
  4. Snatches
  5. Cleans
  6. Single Arm Dumbbell Row (one leg resting on a bench)
  7. Overhead Press
  8. Suitcase Reverse Lunges

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