web hosts, the journey continues.

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Ken often asks me: “what is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery?”. The last time he asked I told him I would take a cab to a Land Rover dealer and buy myself a Range Rover. I would like to continue my response to add that I would then drive home and go to apple.com and buy three Xserves. Two for web servers (one main, one failover) and the other Xserve as a development server or backup server (or game server). I would drive my new Range Rover with the Xserves in the back to a data center and then strip off Mac OS X Server, put Mac OS X client on them, call all my friends and tell them I will host whatever they want for free, and then of course talk to my financial advisor. So my point to all of this? I hate 99% of web hosts out there. I have been through several. I am tired, so I will not go into detail, but ServInt sucks. Unreliable, unreliable, unreliable. They claim they “manage” VPS systems, but it is far from managed. Both Ken and I had major problems, and the support was very unhelpful as well. Bullshit responses, slow repsonses, or no responses at all. Stay away from ServInt! Where am I now? Back with the most reliable host I have had to date…Host Gator.
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One thought on “web hosts, the journey continues.”

  1. Ken

    Ironic that the host I’m paying the most I’ve ever paid for delivers the wost service I’ve ever received.

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