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Backup to Amazon S3 With Rsync.

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Posted by: Jennifer Zelazny | 2 Comments

Finally – I stumbled upon an article that outlines how to use rsync, Mac OS X, Jungle Disk, and Amazon S3 (all which I use). This will simplify and speed up my backup process. (Especially when my external backup drive has been acting a little irregular this morning.) If you do not backup your files, or have not looked at Amazon S3 yet – this is your chance!

2 thoughts on “Backup to Amazon S3 With Rsync.”

  1. dans

    Every time a local file has been changed it will uploads the hole new file, not just what has changed. That means that if you are using rsync for doing regular backups you are wasting unnecessary bandwidth.

    You can bypass this limitation using 3rd party gateway like:


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