phone recommendations?

Once again I am looking for a new phone to replace my aging Treo 600. About six months ago I took my phone apart and performed a minor surgery on it to get rid of the buzzing….and now it is back. I have finally had it and am in need of a good phone solution.

  1. The keyboard/keypad is most important to me as I type a lot of email/blog posts from my phone while in transit to work (on the train…not driving) and while on vacation/when I am without my iBook. I do not want to press one key three times before getting the letter I want…so I need a good keyboard layout.
  2. I need the abilty to sync my mobile device to my mac via iSync.
  3. I would like a phone with good voice clarity as I use my cell phone to contact clients when I am away from my home office
  4. For the past eight years, I have been using an ATT plan and while it is not as good as some of the new plans, I will not complain. However, all my friends who have Cingular…hate it. So…I am also up to switching to a new serivce provider. (Suggestions would be greatly appreciated)

I have really liked my Treo 600 for the past years, but it is clear it is time for an upgrade. Hitting the side of my phone as hard as I can to stop the buzzing is getting old. I am really interested in the Sony Ericsson 910a but have never met anyone who has had it…and would like to at least hear about some experiences with it before I pay a lot of money for it. I like the Treo fmaily of phones….so should I wait until they announce the two expected new versions of this phone later this year? Help!
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5 thoughts on “phone recommendations?”

  1. apokalyptik

    that keyboard does not look solid enough to support the phone. it looks like typing with the keyboard on anything but a table will be… clumsy… but i’ve never seen one in person… 😀

  2. Doug

    I know a few people who swear by their blackberries. This might be ideal for the amount of email dependency you have. Not sure if there is a hack for iSync or not. The 8700 series is pretty sweet. Also, have you looked at that new Motorola Q? Sorry, it’s too early for hyperlinks.

  3. jenz

    I really like the Blackberry 8700, but isync support looks to be spotty. (PocketMac offers free sync software). I just am having a hard time getting past the service plan price. For data alone, I would be paying more money than I am currently for voice and data. Perhaps this is the price to pay. 😉 I will finally go check one out in the next week. As for the Motorola Q, the phone itself looks great, but I do not want anything to do with ^[Windows]. (ahh Perl….I think that is correct, but it has been awhile) 😉

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