Oregon Trail


Not too many people appreciate my computer collection…and fewer even give me the opportunity to show them what I really have. Tonight was a rare exception. A friend and I were hanging out in my “office” and she looked over at my Apple II GS and asked me if I remembered playing Oregon Trail. I replied “Did I remember playing? I still do!”

Susan smiled and so I busted out my old 5.25 disks and found a double sided copy of Oregon Trail and we played. I forgot how intense it gets when your wagon mates get cholera or some theives steal your last wheel axle. Needless to say, it crapped out when I had to flip the disk over, but we still had a good time. People often think I am crazy for keeping old computers, but as soon as they here the computer start up or the 5.25 disk drive fail (loud noise) they all smile and talk about the days when they used these computers. I cannot wait to show my kids what computers I useds, what games I played, and to let them hold a good old 5.25 disk.

I recently read something interesting about the number of punchcards needed to hold one mp3. The history major in me loves it. Good times with the Apple II GS!

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  1. Ken

    Nice! I hope I was a member of your party. Now I have to play that game myself….

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