mighty mouse.


Well…after years and years of friends having a multi-button mouse, a mouse with a scroll wheel, and laughing at me and my love for my Apple mouse, Apple releases the Mighty Mouse. I always said I would use whatever Apple provided, and nothing-no matter how cool or how much I was missing out in my gaming experience-and now I finally have some options. I was a big fan of the hockey puck mouse that came with the original iMac and B&W G3s, and I bought an Apple optical mouse just to check it out when they first came out, but that is it for me change-wise in the history of Jen and her computer mice.

On a related, and well times note, I finally finished up Jef Raskin’s The Humane Interface book that ended with a few pages defending his decision to go with a single button mouse with the Macintosh project. Jef did talk a little about what he would do for a multi-button mouse and I think Apple did a pretty good job creating this new mouse with Jef’s ideas.

So, will I go out and buy a new Mighty Mouse? No. I will go to an Apple Store and try one, but just like Mac OS 9, it will be hard to say goodbye.

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