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I have been going back and forth for a few weeks now, trting to decide what new computer to buy. Right now I have a G4 Cube and a 17″ Apple Studio Display.

When the Mac Mini first came on the scene, I thought this would be a perfect in between upgrade for me until a new computer game came out that required more processessing power, but priced at $802 edu (256mb RAM/SuperDrive/Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme/80 gig HD/AppleCare) with a needed RAM upgrade, (*always buy AppleCare on new models…usually ok without it after 1st or 2nd revision) (512mb of RAM would be $83.00, a gig for a little over $200) we are bordering the line where I might want to just go for a G5 desktop.

Pros for the Mac Mini

  • Awesome design
  • A big improvement from my current set up (speed/SuperDrive)
  • Relatively inexpensive

Cons for the Mac Mini

  • The small, slow and expensive to upgrade hardrive
  • 32mb of VRAM
  • With my custom build options, the price is now right around $1,000 (Low end G5s start at $1349 edu)

I have spent the last several weeks going over my needs, I am still going back and forth. Since I need a new display, I am for sure going with the 23″ Cinema Display, so I have that cost to think about too. I would appreciate any thoughts/help to make my decision.

2 thoughts on “Hardware Choices”

  1. Janet Tokerud

    This is so late you’ve probably purchased one or the other by now. My thinking is that if you feel the Mac mini is enough Mac for you for say a year, you might get good resale on it since it’s not got a lot of fluff. But then, if you think it’s not beefy enough now, maybe you better get a G5. I’ve got a G5 2gig and love it of course and just helped a friend get a mini a week ago. Either way, it should rock. One last thought, I think Tiger may add some performance which would help the mini.

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