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When we bought our condo 3 years ago, we repainted every square inch of the place…ceilings, baseboards, walls, etc. We also tore up all the carpet, put down 900sq ft. of Pergo and then the two bedrooms got new carpet. The only two floors that did not get redone, were our two bathroom floors. Finally on Satuday I made the decision to get moving on the bathooms, so I went to Centruy Tile and bought two cases of slate laminate (heated real slate floor will be in my next house) and began planning how I would do the floor. I figured if I could learn perl, I could put down a new bathroom floor. Seven hours later, I was done.

All kinds of creativity went into this project. Almost 80% of the tiles required a special cut. I was unprepared, but armed with good backups. I really needed a T-Square, but I made out with a scale, screwdriver, a cro bar, a utility knife, and various tools from A’s scrapbooking tool set (punch, straight edge, etc). Not only did I have fun with all the custom cuts, I had the pleasure of removing a toilet! This was a great learning experience, and the floor looks pretty impressive. Next up is to repaint the bathroom (we already stripped wallpaper off the walls when we moved in) and then replace the sink/refinish the vanity.

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