Google Maps


Well, google has done it again, they have introduced an awesome all in one mapping solution with the introduction of google maps. You can map out trips, find businesses, move the map around, etc, in a very short amount of time. Sorry Safair users, it is not ready for you yet, but you can grab FireFox and use that. Check it out!

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go meredith, cousin peggy!

Back in my Penn State days, I took a lot of American history classes (since that was my major) and I found I had similar interests to a new TA, Meredith Lair. She was one of my TAs for History 3 (The American Nation: Historical Perspectives) , and History 173 (Vietnamin War and Peace) and […]

Web Development

If I Can Learn Perl…

When we bought our condo 3 years ago, we repainted every square inch of the place…ceilings, baseboards, walls, etc. We also tore up all the carpet, put down 900sq ft. of Pergo and then the two bedrooms got new carpet. The only two floors that did not get redone, were our two bathroom floors. Finally […]