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How to Find Geographical Coordinates

Ever need to find your location using latitude and longitude? Do a search for your destination using Google Maps and then when your destination is in the center of the map – type: into the browser address bar (no http or www) and your coordinates will appear.

Web Development

google's my maps.

Google just announced “My Maps which is a great way to add your personal routes, landmarks, etc on a Google Map. This would be awesome to plot out a trip using placemarks with photos/videos taken at specific places. I am excited to play around with this!

Hints HOWTOs

creating google maps.

I just finished a quick project for a friend that used Google Maps. I was approached with the question: “I want to create a map that will illustrate the two hotel options and the reception hall for my wedding invitation. Do you know of any mapping software that I could use to do this?” I […]


Google Maps + Sopranos = Sopranos Maps

Fifteen months ago, when I knew I had to wait sixteen months to see the next season of Sopranos I was not sure I could wait…but with only a little over a week left before the first episode of season six, I am pumped. HBO has added Sopranos Maps to the Sopranos HBO web site […]


Google Maps

Well, google has done it again, they have introduced an awesome all in one mapping solution with the introduction of google maps. You can map out trips, find businesses, move the map around, etc, in a very short amount of time. Sorry Safair users, it is not ready for you yet, but you can grab […]