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creating google maps.

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I just finished a quick project for a friend that used Google Maps. I was approached with the question: “I want to create a map that will illustrate the two hotel options and the reception hall for my wedding invitation. Do you know of any mapping software that I could use to do this?” I quickly said this could be done nicely using Google Maps, so I quickly put a map together for her. I did not need to have any extras because she is just looking for something to print out to put in the invitations, but I did... Read More » Read more


google maps + sopranos = sopranos maps.

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Fifteen months ago, when I knew I had to wait sixteen months to see the next season of Sopranos I was not sure I could wait…but with only a little over a week left before the first episode of season six, I am pumped. HBO has added Sopranos Maps to the Sopranos HBO web site which is really impressive (a little slow, but still impressive). Sopranos Maps are a cobmination of Google maps and storyline/video from the previous season. Click on a pre-defined hot spot on the map and up comes video from last season along with background information about... Read More » Read more