In the Dark Podcast


I spend a good amount of time in the car commuting my kids from one location to another and this summer I decided to check out a new podcast called “In the Dark” which had several episodes of investigative journalism.

I started with season two which is described as “Season 2 examined the case of Curtis Flowers, who was tried six times for the same crime.” My oldest son and I listened to the first two episodes back to back and were hooked. The reporting is top notch and there are several unexpected twists and turns. It is so interesting that all of my kids will listen silently when in the car with me and ask me to wait until they are back in the car to continue (sorry – no dice kids…I cannot wait). My oldest son also has downloaded it to his phone and listens to it on his own time.

You can listen to the podcast by searching for it within your podcast application of choice:

If you looking for something interesting to listen to – definitely check it out.

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