Boxing/Leg Workout

Boxing Workouts

Here is a short boxing workout (@25 minutes) that will get your heart pumping and legs burning.

The Warmup

30s/10s 2x at each of the following for a total of @4 minutes

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. Alternating Forward Lunges
  3. Sumo Squats
  4. Alternating Reverse Lunges

The Rounds

Two minute rounds with 20 seconds rest between each round.

  1. Straight punches only
  2. Hooks and uppercuts only
  3. Jab/Left Hook/Cross/Right Uppercut
  4. Right Hook/Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Jab/Jab/Cross
  5. 5 surrenders/5 Jab/Jab/Cross
  6. Jab/Cross/Left Hook/Step Left/Left Hook/Cross
  7. Jab/Cross/Hook/Cross/Step Step Right/Right Uppercut/Left Hook/Cross
  8. Jab/Right Hook/Left Hook/Cross
  9. Shuffle (in your boxing stance) away from the bag 4 steps/shuffle back towards the bag, and throw 10 straight punches
  10. 5 Lateral Lunges (each leg)/5 Jab/Right Uppercut/Jab

The Finisher

Ten 20 second on/ 5 second off rounds.

Odd Minutes

Body weight squats for speed

Even Minutes

Squat hold

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