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There are many places I have visited, but none more amazing than Kauai.

Over the summer my family and I ventured to Oahu and Kauai. This trip represented hope over the course of several days, weeks, and months separated from family and friends. I remember many days walking outside or trying to keep myself busy with some project in the basement and some days the only bright spot was looking forward to going to Hawaii in the summer.

We started the journey in Oahu on Waikiki beach. This was my second time to Oahu and I absolutely love spending time at Waikiki beach. It is easy to spend hours just listening to the calm ocean waves while looking out at the most amazing water you have ever seen. Need to get out? Diamondhead makes for a fun nearby hike with beautiful views from higher up on the island. I also loved every minute of going for daily walks/runs with an ocean view on one side and some of the best people watching around on the other site. Oahu/Waikiki beach checks off a lot of boxes for a perfect spot but I had been told I had to check out another island for the laid back feeling called Kauai.

Kauai which had a completely different feel as soon as we landed. Every moment here was special. It was much more relaxed than our time in Oahu and everything just felt calmer. I felt myself taking more deep breaths just to try and get as much in as possible with ever minute that went by. We did not have any official plans for this leg of the trip. A simple “let’s go east/west/north/south today” was all that guided us. We explored most of the island with a simple travel guide book that gave directions based on mile markers and dirt road pull offs (“near mile marker 17 there is a small pull off on the side of the road. Park here and find the dirt path that after .25 miles will lead you to the most beautiful beach you have ever seen”). Every day, every beach, every road (paved and dirt), and every meal was unknown and new and I loved all of it. My family and I were more than often the only ones on one of the beaches but enjoyed the sand, surf, and sun just the same. We took wrong turns, went on some shady one lane bridges, but always ended up somewhere new and somewhere amazing. We discovered amazing local food, farmers’ markets, monk seals, sea turtles, and a slower pace which was much needed.

People ask me if I would go back to Kauai and the answer is always a quick yes. I cannot imagine ever flying to Hawaii and not going to both places. They are both beyond beautiful and you know you are experiencing something special when you are there.

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