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It has happened for years…how many times have you had to say “sorry I think you have the wrong number”. I often get the newer version of this – wrong email addresses that end up coming to me (both business and personal). I sometimes respond and let them know about it – but there are other times – I just delete it.

Today I got three email messages from someone in LA who is throwing a surprise birthday party for their friend “Poe”. I did not respond.

A few months ago – I got a number of email messages from a college girl who was emailing what she thought was her mom. I did respond to let her know I was happy she got a 3.8 for the semester, but I was not her mom.

What is your policy? Do you email back or just toss in the trash?

2 thoughts on “Wrong Email Address”

  1. Ken

    I can’t say that that has ever happened to me. Then again, my email addresses have always been unique enough that it would be pretty much impossible for me to get mail meant for someone else..

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