Media Mondays: Internet Archive

Every once and awhile I like to go to the Internet Archive to check out what my sites have looked like a few years ago, or to look at Apple’s early web sites (all archived), but recently I took a closer look at the Internet Archive and noticed I was missing out on a lot of what they have to offer: media.

You can go to the site, check out over three thousand bands with over 65k live performances for free. Now – do not expect to find U2 or the Beastie Boys, but it is amazing to see all the live music you could listen to, discover, and enjoy.

You can also check out over 370k MP3 files (which include the live performances). They have all kinds of audio files, including the “Grateful Dead collection”, spoken poetry, cylinder recordings released in the early 20th century, and full length books.

If you are bored – check out that site. You can easily get lost there for a few good hours for sure because I have barely scratched the surface. There are thousands of texts (including children’s books), video, maps, etc.

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