Random Fridays: Taking Vacation


Taking vacation sounds nice to most but to me it is never really been enjoyable. The work pile up when I get home is always out of control and I end up feeling like I do now: run down, overwhelmed, and unable to catch up. What is the trick to coming back to a less stressful environment after taking a few days off? I am all ears!

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From Twitter

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-08

Finally back from the long trip to NY. Saw lots of cool things, people, but am excited to be back in IL. # Lou Malnotis (http://www.loumalnatis.com/) has wings now – and as expected..they are great!! # Why are some people just shady? Seriously – don't wonder why people do not trust you! # @crystalchappell Happy […]


Media Mondays: Internet Archive

Every once and awhile I like to go to the Internet Archive to check out what my sites have looked like a few years ago, or to look at Apple’s early web sites (all archived), but recently I took a closer look at the Internet Archive and noticed I was missing out on a lot […]