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Jappler Recommends: Work/Life Balance

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Over the last few years I have, like most other business owners, struggled with a good work/life balance. While I do not feel like I am at an optimal balance yet – I know and I a lot closer than I once was. This can be tricky – but here are some tips that will help you achieve it. When working with clients – clearly state your business hours. I generally do this on the initial call or email as well as on my voicemail so when a client calls after midnight or tells me they are available until 11:30pm... Read More » Read more

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Make Opportunities

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Several years ago, the company I worked for had a secretary full of life lessons which she would tell me about each morning. Out of everything she ever told me – one thing really stuck. She told me “Jen – don’t wait for opportunities, make them”. There are not too many days that go by that I do not think about that. So many people wait around for “that phone call, that new job, that right guy/girl, etc” (you fill in the blank) and those people will often live most of their life with regrets and/or with dead end jobs.... Read More » Read more

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The New Beast

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I do not know about you – but the last year has absolutely been insane work-wise. I have said it before and I will say it again. I feel like the people that still have jobs – are working at a super frantic rate. I decided to work late tonight to get caught up on a number of tasks so my weekend will be semi-enjoyable. I like working late because I feel like I can get ahead. Tonight – much like other nights this year – just as I think I am going to get ahead by closing out as... Read More » Read more

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Random Fridays: Thank Goodness Summer is Almost Over

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Summers seem most people’s favorite times of the year because of vacations, being outside, etc and while I generally do not hate summers – I also am not a fan. You can keep the heat, summer vacations, and all of that because my favorite time of the year is quickly approaching…fall. Fall to me means more routine (try living with a teacher when you are not on their schedule in the summer), college and professional football, fall golf (I have not been out since April…gasp), and cooler temperatures. This summer has been hell on wheels for me, but through all... Read More » Read more


Random Fridays: Taking Vacation

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Taking vacation sounds nice to most but to me it is never really been enjoyable. The work pile up when I get home is always out of control and I end up feeling like I do now: run down, overwhelmed, and unable to catch up. What is the trick to coming back to a less stressful environment after taking a few days off? I am all ears! Read more

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Long Days…

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Man – these past few weeks have been insane. I literally have been working non-stop and feel like I cannot quite get to a good stopping point. I will say that I have been busy with three particular projects that I was just not really excited about but after a long day and getting 2 of the 3 out the door – I am glad I made good headway today and I actually ended up enjoying both projects (which is how it usually goes). As long as I continue to learn – then everything is going pretty good! Let’s hope... Read More » Read more


Minimizing Interruptions

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Lately I have felt like I have been doing the never fun “suicides” that I did in high school during basketball practice. Running to one spot, running back, running to the next stop, running back, etc. There have been way too many tasks at hand and instead of finishing one and moving on – I have been in a rut of moving from one task to another, then back, then on to another and back…and I blame interruptions (email, phone, IM). For the next few days-weeks I am going to limit myself with email, phone calls, and IM while I... Read More » Read more