using parallels and windows for web development debugging.

Yesterday I finally broke down and bought Parallels and Windows XP to run on my MacBook Pro so I could do my CSS debugging and testing on IE 6 and IE 7 for Windows. After the ridiculously long Windows install and then security updates (74), I was pleasantly surprised with the speed and performance of Windows and IE within Parallels. I was quickly able view all my work in a Windows environment while also using my Mac browsers at the same time. This is awesome and I am quite excited to have this as an option.

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6 thoughts on “using parallels and windows for web development debugging.”

  1. jenz

    Yeah, it was hard buying the Intel hardware…even harder buying Windows, but at least I did that on April Fools Day so I could have an out if it ever came up in conversation 😉

  2. Ken

    I agree with Doug – pretty soon you’ll have a poster of Gates above your desk.

  3. jenz

    How about this Ken – I will hang a picture of Bill Gates up in my office after you vote for Hillary! Deal?

  4. jenz

    One suggestion – make sure you have plenty of RAM. 1 Gig in a MacBook Pro does not get it done.

  5. timfitz

    You are persuading me more and more to switch. Don’t worry Jen everyone has a little of the Dark Side in them. It just took a little longer for you to use it.

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